Data Link Project Overview

Many CoE projects and related technologies require data connectivity to fully function. This connectivity is often unavailable from commercial providers on wildland fires and other public safety incidents in Colorado due to terrain, vegetation, or distance from base stations. As a result, the CoE is conducting research into technologies that can extend an Internet connection or create a local data network in remote areas where Internet access is unavailable. This research includes both ground-based data networks and air-to-ground data links.

 Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

The CoE is working to provide map-based situational awareness to firefighters and other first responders when traditional Internet access is unavailable or unreliable. Much of the CoE’s work in this area has focused on the Team Awareness Kit (TAK). TAK is a geospatial mapping engine, originally developed for the Android operating system, that facilitates situational awareness, navigation, and data sharing. For more information, visit our TAK page.


Other completed work includes the following:

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