Building on TAK


TAK features a plugin architecture, which allows developers to add functions and integrate other systems with TAK by writing a software plugin, rather than rewriting the whole TAK app. This flexible approach also allows TAK users to load only the plugins that they are interested in, while maintaining interoperability with other TAK users for core functions such as location tracking and chat.

One TAK plugin utilized by the CoE is the UAS Tool, which integrates small UAS into the TAK common operating picture.



Data on the elevation of terrain can be loaded into the TAK apps, and can be used to calculate the elevation of points or the gain/loss incurred while travelling along a line or route. TAK also can display a heatmap of elevation, with low areas colored blue and high areas colored red. The CoE built on this heatmap tool by creating a low-tech sand table consisting of a sandbox and wide-angle projector. The projector is connected to a phone running ATAK or computer running WinTAK, and using the heatmap tool the sand terrain is reshaped to match the area viewed in TAK. This sand table can assist first responders in gauging the terrain as they use TAK to train or plan a mission, and can display a mission in real-time for improved situational awareness by incident managers.